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Cigarette Smuggling | Bill Makes It A Heinous Crime


Brazil must face and repress the crimes of smuggling and counterfeiting of cigarettes that, unfortunately, are still considered by many as a harmless crime.

Due to the lack of quality control in the production of counterfeit and / or adulterated cigarettes by the competent body, ANVISA – National Sanitary Surveillance Agency – is being mass exterminated by consumers for counterfeit cigarettes.


Check the justification of the proposal:

Check the justification of the proposal:

The smuggled cigarette is sold free of charge by peddlers and merchants in general throughout Brazil. Cigarettes are marketed for less than 1/4 of the price of taxed cigarettes, being responsible today for approximately 60% of the consumption of Brazilians in classes c, e.

The smuggling of cigarettes does not have the necessary licenses, which guarantee the quality of the product. This directly affects the health of consumers. ASPAC do Brasil, a consumer protection organization, issued a report1 to which it was informed that, in the composition of the Paraguayan cigarette, a number of malignant components are present in consumer health, among which, “tobacco smoke”, plastics, insecticides banned in Brazil for more than 20 years because they are carcinogenic, etc.

People who sell smuggled cigarettes involuntarily have harmful effects on the health (by the consumption of harmful products) of those who consume their products, on the economy and public safety, since they make it difficult to fight against the enormous and dangerous chain of related crimes .

We are faced not only with a tax offense, but with a serious crime against consumer relations and against public health, in addition to the commission of a crime of smuggling, according to arts. 278 and 334-A of the Penal Code. Therefore, I am proposing that cigarette smuggling should be framed as a heinous crime as a way of coping with this crime that seems harmless, but has enormous repercussions on Brazilian society.