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Legit Facts About Bail Bonds

Bail bonds

The fastest and most reliable financial agency in North Carolina can only be provided by Friendship Bail Bonds. We understand the urgency of getting a loved one out of jail. Our staff is committed to helping you and your loved ones as soon as possible during these difficult times. We are proud to demonstrate the best customer service.

Friendship has its main office in Raleigh, North Carolina, and maintains a group of professionals whose experience includes exceptional, fast and reliable customer service. Our team of agents is experts, sensitive and diligent in criminal and immigration bonds. Our experience makes us the most sought after by the Latino community for bonding services in the 100 counties in the state of NC. With our trusted team, you can rest assured that Friendship Bail Bonds can have your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible.

Friendship can help you with bail for all crimes including, but not limited to:

  • Offenses related to drugs, traffic stops such as driving drunk, DUI / DWI
  • Detentions related to domestic violence
  • Crimes of solicitation of prostitution and other crimes
  • Any size bail – Friendship can help with any size including low bail of $ 500
  • Transfer of bail (arrested in another state with residence in North Carolina)
  • Free consultation 24 hours – we do not charge for any questions!
  • Representatives who speak Spanish
  • Payment systems include:
  • Payment and electronic signature of all the required documentation by email
  • Credit cards, including American Express

We assure you that not only will we help to release your loved one, but also keep them out of jail by providing them with the necessary legal information they need.

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Amistad focuses on bail services in Raleigh NC and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in being the most trusted, faithful, responsive and diligent guarantors in Raleigh. With us by your side, you do not have to worry about your loved one spending another night in jail.

You can trust our team of experts

The knowledge of immigration bonds that you deserve

The knowledge of immigration bonds that you deserve

Talking with any type of immigration professional can be difficult. But, talking to professional Friendship finalists do not have to be. Very few people predict having to use an immigration bail bondsman, but when or if the time ever comes, you can easily recline and know that the Friendship team is here to help you. Friendship Bail Bonds, in Raleigh NC, is dedicated to providing you with an immigration bonding experience that you can easily handle. We do our best to eliminate the stress, fear, and worry that usually accompanies the process and give you simple and easy to understand the steps, options and payment plans.

If you have not yet experienced the need to speak with an immigration bail bondsman, it is not too late to know the process. Below are some of the common questions related to immigration bonds and how the whole process works.

What is an immigration bond?

Immigration bonds are the payments that are used to guarantee to a court that a defendant, accused of immigration crime, will attend all of their joint hearings, about the release of the immigration detention. The amount of bail is determined by the amount that is set by the judge or immigration agent. If a person released on bail appears in court and their case ends, they will return the amount of bail paid. But, if they do not comply, the bond is lost completely, and will not be returned.

Are immigration bonds given to all detainees for immigration crimes?

Are immigration bonds given to all detainees for immigration crimes?

Yes, unless the previously arrested individual has been charged and ordered to be deported. In this case, the arrested will not receive immigration bond. If the arrested person has a particular criminal conviction or a history of not going to court appointments, he will also not receive the option of bail.

What will determine the value of an immigration bond?

What will determine the value of an immigration bond?

Three aspects are considered when determining the value of an immigration bond:

  1. The danger of the arrested individual presenting to the community.
  2. The threat the arrested individual presents for national security.
  3. The risk that the detainee presents in disappearing and not having intentions in going to court appointments.

Who really pays bail?

Who really pays bail?

Bail bonds can be paid by anyone with legal status, as long as they have the funds available to pay the full value of the bond. The person who pays the bail is considered the “debtor” and is eligible to receive their money back if the detainee is presented to all their hearings. Payment must be made at the immigration and customs office.

If you need professional help or have a loved one who requires bail, we recommend that you call our office today. Friendship Bail Bonds is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, but can pay bail bonds in any state in the country.